Our Story

Like all good comedies, Sex Talk With My Mom was born out of tragedy. In 2006, KarenLee and Cam lost their husband and father to murder. After an intense period of grieving, KarenLee started dating again and created a YouTube channel to help other women get back in the dating game the second time around. Her channel quickly became a haven for bawdy, no-holds-barred conversations. As a comedian, Cam sought refuge from the awkwardness by using her material in his stand-up. Eventually they united efforts and created the best (and only) sex podcast hosted by a mom and son.


Our mission is to inspire laughter and open conversations about sex and relationships. We believe that honest dialogue can reduce sexual shame and violence, while increasing pleasure. Over our past three years of podcasting, Esquire, Huffington Post, Popsugar, TODAY, and several other publications have featured us as a leading sex podcast.


Karen Poter

KarenLee Poter hosts an internet talk show, KarenLee Love, about dating, sex, and cougars. She created the show after becoming a widow and re-entering the singles’ world. No topic is off limits as she shares personal anecdotes and opinions through witty vlogs and weekly livestreams about her life as a “C.O.U.G.A.R.” (Confident, Older, Unique, Genuine, Assertive, and Racy woman.) She's the author of A Cougar's Guide To Getting Your Ass Back Out There, an autobiographical self-help book. KarenLee resides in Los Angeles, she’s the mother of three and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois.

Cam Poter

Cam Poter is a Chicago-bred, LA-based comedian. He's appeared on America's Got Talent, Silicon Valley, and Modern Family. When he's not flailing in the dating world, he's overanalyzing it with his mother on his podcast, Sex Talk With My Mom. If you see him onstage in LA, please give him a high-five. It'll be the most physical contact he's felt in months.