A Mother's Day Gift Suggestion: "5 Things I Love About Mom"

In the midst of these blog posts on Cam's masturbation, I thought I'd tell you about the awesome gift that he gave me yesterday. As you know from listening to our podcast, Cam lives in Los Angeles, while I reside in Chicago. When Cam was little, he and his siblings would prepare a sumptuous feast (Cheerios and toast) and present it to me on the morning of Mother's Day. This year, Cam decided to give me his mother's day gift on Skype, since he couldn't be with me Sunday morning in person. In the past he's written beautiful cards, but this time he spoke to me about the five things he loved most about me. I had no idea that he prepared these in advance, and when he surprised me with a list of well thought out character traits that make me special, I was completely taken aback. Listening and seeing him discuss in detail what he loved and why he admired me was for lack of a better phrase, heart rendering. We recorded the whole session so if you want to be a fly on the wall and hear what he said and my responses, don't miss this Thursday's episode of Sex Talk With My Mom.

Now I didn't write all this to brag about Cam or to tell you that I'm a great mom (we all know these things already ;) No, the reason I brought this up in this post is to suggest that all YOU kids out there, young or old, should think about doing a similar "Five Things I Love About Mom" in person or via Skype with your mother. It's better than a bouquet of flowers which will wilt and die, it's better than a blouse or a vibrator (just kidding about the vibrator, sometimes you can't pass up a good line.) It's a gift that she'll remember forever and one that costs you nothing but your time. Ok, that's all for now, go back to reading about Cam's masturbation challenge. 

Love, KLP