Masturbation Challenge – MOUNT VESUVIUS HAS ERUPTED

  • Date: 5/22/16
  • Time: 1:20AM
  • Location: Shower
  • Duration: Unknown
  • # of Edges (Nearly climaxing and then backing away): 1
  • Pass/Fail: WE DONE HERE

MOUNT VESUVIUS HAS ERUPTED! It was a very brief, but pleasurable. Slightly anti-climactic, but then again, what can live up to 21 days of blue balls? Lots more ejaculate than normal. My balls have still not shrunken down to normal size. My urine was a very neon yellow. This could be due to the ramen I ate tonight. GOOD NIGHT WORLD.


P.S. On 5/24/16, two days after the Challenge, I timed how long it took me to ejaculate, trying to come as quickly as possible. This would act as a comparison point against the my time at the beginning of the challenge. I kept all conditions the same as in the initial test. No porn, but mental fantasy was allowed. No edging, I tried to come as quickly as possible. The hypothesis was that the challenge would decrease my penile sensitivity.

My time to ejaculation before the study was 2:00. My time to ejaculation after the study was 2:36. The difference could have been due to a variety of factors, such as tiredness and initial horniness. Upon reflection, I don't believe that this challenge made my penis any less sensitive. However, it certainly changed the way that I approach masturbation. Before the challenge, I wanted to come as quickly as possible. Today, I felt foolish trying to come without edging first. The orgasm is much more pleasurable when I take my time, and I can delay ejaculating much easier now that I have done the challenge. En fin, I believe the challenge has helped me grow in both my bodily control and appreciation for self-pleasure. It did not make my penis any less sensitive.

Cameron Poter