Masturbation Challenge – Day 6 – Spider-Man's a CockBlock

  • Date: 5/6/16
  • Time: 10:35PM
  • Location: Bedroom
  • Duration: 9:34
  • # of Edges (Nearly climaxing and then backing away): 3
  • Pass/Fail: PASS

This was a pathetic masturbation session. I'm exhausted from my camping trip and I'm extremely anxious about my first birthday party clown gig tomorrow. Needless to say, I was NOT in the mood. After a little coaxing/fantasizing, I eventually grew erect and could find the groove. But man, it is amazing how day-to-day stressors can shut down your libido.

It's mainly this birthday party I was hired to run tomorrow. I just got the details today, and there are many more curveballs than anticipated. 1) I have to go in a Spider-Man costume, which I can barely see out. I was told that I cannot remove the hood. 2) The party is not in the safest area of town. I worry about walking around the area in a Spider-Man costume, visually impaired. 3) It's for a four-year-old, which means that parents will likely be standing close by. I do not want to be scrutinized during my first party. My games, face painting, magic show, and balloon making are still a work in progress. I'll be practicing all day tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Cameron Poter