Masturbation Challenge – Day 8 – I'm Not Alone!

  • Date: 5/9/16
  • Time: 12:07AM
  • Location: Bedroom
  • Duration: 7:29
  • # of Edges (Nearly climaxing and then backing away): 3
  • Pass/Fail: PASS

That's right folks! While this might seem like a solo project, more and more people keep coming out of the woodwork to tell me about how this challenge has been affecting them. Just a couple of hours ago, someone told me that he's starting the challenge to spark his creativity. He believes that by not ejaculating, he can build up his sexual energy and (literal) creative power. I don't know where he got this idea from, but from my experience, he's probably right. I have not experienced the relaxed post-ejaculation stupor since the nocturnal emission. Moreover, with every passing day, I seem to grow more virile. Hooray!

Tonight, I also solidified a friendship with someone who had previously seen my blog / videos / writing / podcast and she STILL wanted to be friends! How wonderful is that? It's got me thinking that all this openness makes it much easier to determine who I should be spending time with. For example, the other night, during a clown performance, I asked a woman out on a date. She accepted and we talked after the show to nail down a plan. After the discussion, I could tell that we weren't really going to get along, but I still felt like I needed to go through with the date because I had asked her out. However! When I went to follow up on the date via Facebook Messenger (because I'm classy), she discovered my podcast / blog / videos / robust sex content and told me that we were not a good match. I was so relieved. I thanked her for her honesty and asked why. She explained that she was a Christian with a much more conservative approach to sex. She said she couldn't even read the description of my latest podcast episode. Hooray! Hooray!

The masturbation session was fine. I'm starting to incorporate fantasies because it's just boring otherwise. I have to say, my penis control is WAY stronger than when I started. When I feel myself reaching my edge, I can easily prevent myself from contracting and ejaculating. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!



Cameron Poter