Masturbation Challenge – Day 0 (Round 2) – STARTING OVER

  • Date: 5/1/16
  • Time: 12:18AM
  • Location: Bathroom
  • Duration: 2:01
  • # of Edges (Nearly climaxing and then backing away): 0
  • Pass/Fail: Fail

Okay, okay, okay. Before you start laughing at my failure, I want you to know that this was a deliberate restart. I spoke with a urologist this morning to clear some of the anxiety I had about the potential ill-effects that this challenge could have on my health. To my shock, the doctor said there was little cause for concern and he was in support of this challenge. He said that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this practice will work, but it makes sense to him. He even said that by tracking my progression and comparing the duration of my masturbation sessions before and after the challenge, I can potentially be the first recorded study of the effects of this practice. He recommended that anyone trying this challenge record and share their times as well.

Unfortunately, prior to this challenge, I had not timed myself jerking off under normal circumstances. And since I'd like to make a contribution to the scientific community,  I decided I would jerk off tonight as I normally would – without porn, without edging, just racing towards that orgasm like a hog on slop. I lasted two minutes and one second. That was all it took. Granted, I was trying to cum as quickly as possible, so that I could compare my top speed at the end of 21 days. I'm exhausted now. I think that orgasming after three days of blue balls is putting me into a coma. I really hope that this challenge helps someone. Goodnight.

Cameron Poter