Masturbation Challenge – Day 16 – Accessing the Child Within

  • Date: 5/17/16
  • Time: 1:17AM
  • Location: Bedroom (of Family Home)
  • Duration: 7:12
  • # of Edges (Nearly climaxing and then backing away): 5
  • Pass/Fail: PASS

Today was the 10-year anniversary of my dad's death and also my last day at home. I spent the day sorting through the last remaining artifacts of my childhood and reminiscing with the family over home videos and favorite dad memories. It was a phenomenal reminder of the significance of family and relationships. Living so far away from my mother and brother, it's easy for me to forget the importance of these ties. As I watched these videos, I couldn't have been more grateful for the generosity and effort that my parents put forth in raising me and the love I shared with my siblings. I could see just how supported and free I was to be a happy-go-lucky child. Even the most mundane activity could become an adventure. I hope to return to that place of freedom and carefree one day. 

In an effort to live freely, I masturbated lying down tonight. How do you like that? Usually, I'm just standing in the middle of my room like a dipshit, but this time, I decided to recline. Slightly different experience, but overall very similar. Five more days (barring any missteps)!


P.S. My housekeeper/nanny/second mother told me today that when I was three, we were sitting on the beach and two pretty ladies in bikinis passed by us. I turned to her and asked her why my penis was getting big. I'm still waiting on the answer. 

Cameron Poter